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Conditions - Laser Treatment

Why should I choose this doctor to treat my toenail fungus or onychomycosis laser therapy?

Unlike other treatment centers that only give you one laser treatment and send you home hoping it works, we have a long term comprehensive treatment plan to ensure success. This includes laser therapy at different stages of the toenail’s life cycle, professional removal of the diseased portions, and an at-home long term treatment plan to prevent recurrence. The treatment of fungal nails is a process, not just a one time treatment. The eradiction and prevention of re-infection is critical in achieving success. Remember, it took time for the fungus to visually appear in the nail, so it takes time to treat the infected nail. 


What does the toenail fungus laser do exactly?

The full effect of the laser is not fully understood, but it is postulated that the laser energy on nail fungi are two fold, photo-thermal and photo-chemical. The focused, targeted laser does not effect healthy skin cells and heats the fungal cells.  This photo-thermal effect physically damages the fungal cells and metabolism. In addition, it is believed that the cell enzymes and proteins responsible for the structure are compromised. This photo-chemical effect changes cellular chemical reactions within fungal cells that are necessary for fungal growth and survival.  The result is fungal cell death and nail clearance.


Is the toenail fungus laser therapy painful?

The focused, targeted laser heats the fungi on a cellular level. Patients may feel warmth, but should not feel discomfort.


Is the toenail fungus laser treatment dangerous?

The laser is set at a specific wavelength to target fungi, not healthy cells. There are no known adverse reactions, injuries, or side effects.


Does insurance cover the laser treatment for toenail fungus?

Unfortunately, insurance plans to do not cover laser toenail fungus treatment and will not pay for this treatment. If you have a Health Spending Account (HSA), Medical Individual Retirement Account (Medical IRA), or Medical Flexible Spending Account (Medical FSA), these funds can be used to cover the laser fungus treatment.  Otherwise, you can pay for laser fungus treatment with cash, credit or debit card.